January 22, 2014

Understanding the Health Insurance Tax Credit

CFP Lon Jeffries explains the Premium Assistance Tax Credit (PATC) which helps pay for health insurance. Mr. Jeffries will be the Financial Planning for Women on speaker on March 5.
“The Premium Assistance Tax Credit (PATC) is designed to help “lower” income individuals and families pay for health insurance plans purchased through the new health care exchange program. However, more people may qualify for government assistance when purchasing health care through the exchange than may realize.”
“People are still familiarizing themselves with the options available within the health care exchange. Many will be surprised by their eligibility for assistance, and the amount of government aid available. Determining whether you qualify for a Premium Assistance Tax Credit will help you evaluate the attractiveness of the program.” For more details see: http://utahfinancialadvisor.blogspot.com/2014/01/purchasing-health-care-thru-exchange.html

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