November 24, 2013

Managing Your Parents' Finances

Whether you are responsible for managing money for your aging parents, a disabled sibling or other family member, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers some publications to assist you. "Millions of Americans are managing money or property for a loved one who is unable to pay bills or make financial decisions. This can be very overwhelming. But, it’s also a great opportunity to help someone you care about, and protect them from scams and fraud." The guides help you to be a financial caregiver in three ways: 1. They walk you through your duties. 2. They tell you how to watch out for scams and financial exploitation, and what to do if your loved one is a victim. 3. They tell you where you can go for help. Check out the CFPB resources:

November 8, 2013

Help in understanding the Affordable Care Act

The Kaiser Family Foundation produced an interactive slide show explaining how the Affordable Care Act can help the 47 million uninsured Americans obtain coverage. “In 2012, 47.3 million nonelderly people were uninsured. Lack of health insurance coverage affects many groups of people, including both workers and non-workers, people of all ages and geographic locations, and people with a range of health conditions. Through its coverage expansions, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has the potential to reach a broad range of groups. The interactive tool below examines how the ACA may affect various groups of uninsured people by analyzing how many are uninsured, the main reasons why they lack coverage, and how they may gain coverage under the ACA.” Check it out:
Utahns be aware that Gov. Herbert has so far refused to expand Medicaid, greatly restricting the number of uninsured Utahns who will have access to affordable health insurance. We all pay for those who are uninsured through higher insurance premiums.
Thanks to the excellent Squared Away Blog for information about the slide show.

November 7, 2013

LTCI info from Utah Dept. of Insurance

The Utah Dept. of Insurance website contains information on long term care insurance:

November 4, 2013

ACA Health Law Answers

Learn how the health care law works for you and your family by answering just a few questions. This AARP tool is for all ages and does not sell health insurance.

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