January 16, 2014

10 Money Myths to Stop Believing

Turning 30 this year (or is the big 3-0 in the rear view mirror)? Time to stop fooling yourself about money. Certified Financial Planner Natalie Taylor identifies the "top 10 money myths that younger people tend to believe—and why it’s critical to debunk them before you blow out that fateful set of candles." 
1. “Retirement is an old person’s problem.”

2. “I should be running the company by now.”

3. “It will be my responsibility to pay for my child’s education.”

4. “I can’t start saving until I make six figures.”

5. “I can’t be financially responsible and have a social life.”

6. “My finances are really simple right now. I don’t have to spend that much time analyzing them.”

7. “It’s O.K. to splurge on pricey workout classes. I don’t have kids or a mortgage.”

8. “I spend what I earn. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

9. “I’ll handle my student loan debt later.”

10. “Missing a few credit card payments is no big deal.”

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