January 9, 2014

Social Security Claiming Strategies for Spouses

“The file-and-suspend strategy is a great way for married couples to maximize Social Security benefits, but retirees should remember that it works for only one spouse, Mary Beth Franklin writes. She looks at the options and benefits available to a couple depending on which one files and suspends, and which claims the spousal benefit first” (Retirement Security SmartBrief).  According to the Social Security website: “If your current spouse is full retirement age, he or she can apply for retirement benefits and then request to have payments suspended.” That way, he or she can receive spouse's benefits and can continue to earn delayed retirement credits until age 70. However, the SSA site also notes: “Only one member of a couple can apply for retirement benefits and have payments suspended so his or her current spouse can collect benefits.” Read more from Mary Beth Franklin at http://www.investmentnews.com/article/20140108/BLOG05/140109927

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