August 15, 2016

Smart Borrowing for Student Loans

"Taking out a loan to pay for college is not inherently dangerous," writes Gail MarksJarvis in The Chicago Tribune. Selecting the right loan and knowing the interest rate are crucial in using student debt wisely.

"If you are like most students, you will need student loans to pay for college."
"Despite all the headlines about ruinous student loans, taking on some loans to go to college is not inherently dangerous if you pay attention to the type of loans you choose and are honest with yourself about your career plans."
You can borrow up to $27,000 over four years in federally subsidized loans. Don't borrow more than you expect to earn on your first job after graduation. MarksJarvis explains four important points:
1. Pick the right loans
2. Know your interest rate
3. What if you need to borrow more
4. Not all colleges are equal   
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