August 17, 2016

Hazards of Financial Advice Columnists

In "Money Talks" (8/10/16) Dave Ramsey advises that an elderly woman with $1.5 million in assets needs long term care insurance! OMG! First of all, details are lacking on her age, projected longevity, health, family situation and possible plans for how she might prefer to receive care. Futher, Ramsey fails to acknowledge the continuing problems in the LTCI industry (see other items in this blog describing the problems), including dramatically rising premiums. There was no discussion of the nuances that need to be considered before making such an expensive decision. Moral of the story: beware simplistic answers, regardless of how famous the person giving the advice. This kind of decision requires a detailed analysis of the family's finances and the preferences of the woman in question.


  1. Totally agree with you! I didn’t expect that from David Ramsey that is one of the best financial advisors. However, some experts do not even try to give a valuable advice if they are not paid. They give a free answer for a regular question and it seems that sometimes they do not even care what they say. Really, how can he give an advice is he doesn’t know all the nuances of the situation? It’s great if a person has the money to come to a financial expert and get a good and expensive advice but people living through usa payday loans only can try to get a free help which can be absolutely senseless.

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