August 17, 2016

Don't pay for help with student debt relief

Nerdwallet study finds that student loan borrowers pay an average of $613 for services they can get for free. The burden of student debt for students who failed to complete degrees, attended for-profit institutions, or over-borrowed has been in the news lately. There is help for people struggling to pay burdensome debt loads and the help is free. Don't pay a predatory company for assistance. John Sandman explains: "Debt relief companies capitalize on borrowers who fall behind on their loans. Whether it's credit cards, auto loans or student loans, the promise to help people with their debt is a siren call for people who have lost control of it. Student loan debt relief companies are plying an especially insidious trade. They charge borrowers fees to enroll in federal consolidation, forgiveness and repayment plans that run to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Often borrowers realize too late that they can sign up for those programs for free through their loan servicers." for more info read:

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