May 6, 2016

The Huge Retirement Penalty for Being a Mom

To reinforce my earlier post about giving mom an Individual Retirement Account rather than flowers or brunch for Mother's Day read on...
"As Mother’s Day approaches, families are busy buying flowers or booking a brunch at a favorite restaurant. Sounds great, but you may want to check on Mom’s retirement plan."
1. Moms generally earn less… 
2. …so they save less for retirement…
3. …and receive lower Social Security benefits.
4. Yet they have longer retirements to finance…
5. …which adds up to higher odds of poverty in retirement.    
Read the details by Penelope Wang at:
Then search for "IRAs" on this blog for how to arrange an individual retirement account for mom. Adult children might want to contemplate the impact on their lives when mom is old and living on only Social Security.


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