May 6, 2016

Cutting your child's college costs starts early with tough talks

Paying for college is one of a family's biggest expenses.  "With college expenses and student debt on the rise, wise parents engage in candid conversations on this hot topic earlier, rather than later, with their college-bound kids." Sue Grossardt, offers the following tips in a Special for USA TODAY: 
1. Focus on cost, and don't be shy.
2.  Get some skin in the game.
3. Figure debt (not guilt) into college choice.
4.  What’s your major?
5. Define goals early.
"How many of us, at 18 years of age, knew exactly what we wanted to be when we grow up? The reality is that the process of uncovering that is part of growing up. Having some tough talks ahead of time could help limit the cost of that lesson.
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