April 6, 2016

Think you don't need health insurance?

The next time you hear someone, including candidates, complaining about “Obamacare” forcing them to buy health insurance, consider how you would pay for $30,000 in medical bills, the total for a broken wrist that required surgery. Luckily I have good health insurance so my out-of-pocket is “only” about $4,000. What if you or a family member needed on-going care for a life-threatening disease? How much can you raise with a bake sale?
When the uninsured don’t pay their bills the rest of us pay with higher insurance rates. It’s the classic “free rider” problem. No wonder the U.S. has the highest bankruptcy rate in the world. Last year Utah ranked fifth in the nation with 4.59 bankruptcy filings per 1,000 residents.
Think carefully before you cast your votes this fall.

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