April 11, 2016

Just pay cash!

To save money, skip the plastic!
Research shows that using credit and debit cards prompt consumers to spend up to 18% more compared with cash. "Here is a challenge: For just one week, pay for everything with cash," writes Mellody Hobson. "Dinner with friends? Cash. Your weekly manicure? Cash. Filling up at the pump? You're paying cash."
"The added expense comes down to psychology. Putting a purchase on a card doesn't quite feel like spending money. There is no cash withdrawal, and no dwindling stack of bills in your pocket. Plastic is just so easy! Not to mention, there are all of those incentives -- points, cash back, online discounts." Read all about it: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/mellody-hobson-to-save-money-skip-the-plastic/

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