June 23, 2014

Free: Instruction manual on saving and investing for retirement

“If You Can,” a concise, no-nonsense instruction manual on saving and investing for retirement, by William J. Bernstein, an investment adviser and author on financial subjects, is available free as an e-book, no strings attached, on his website. (It’s also available on Amazon.com for 99 cents). “If You Can” is a "snappy 7,000-word guide" to help you invest for retirement.  Learn about the "Five Horsemen of Personal Finance Apocalypse: failure to save, ignorance of financial theory, unawareness of financial history, dysfunctional psychology, and the rapacity of the investment industry."  Go directly to Bernstein's website: http://efficientfrontier.com/ef/0adhoc/2books.htm or read more at: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/04/your-money/a-path-to-retirement-for-those-far-from-it.html

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