June 24, 2014

Are you wondering if your finances are on track for retirement?

Designed for persons ages 55-64, CoRI estimates how much money you need today to generate each dollar of future, inflation-adjusted annual lifetime income starting at age 65. “The CoRI Index projects the cost of a dollar of income at some point in the future. By one dollar of income, we mean one dollar, per year beginning at age 65 for however long retirement lasts. For example, a CoRI Index level of $13.54 means that a dollar of life contingent income beginning at age 65 would cost $13.54 today.”
“The power of the CoRI Index is that it is not based on hypotheticals or opinions; it is based on real world, real time, and publically available data. The CoRI Index provides useful and actionable insight into your retirement readiness. It also allows you to measure how well you’re doing relative to achieving your retirement income goal and puts you in a much better position to take corrective action.” See: http://www.blackrock.com/cori/what-is-cori

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