December 15, 2016

Four Financial Gifts to Consider for the Holidays

Presents that encourage savings and reduce debt can be a lot more meaningful than another gadget, according to Veronica Dagher, writing for The Wall Street Journal (12/13/16). "Forget about buying your loved ones sweaters or gadgets this holiday season. Instead, consider giving a financial gift, not cash or a check stuffed in an envelope. Think of gifts that can help a person save for college or deal with a big expense, or teach them how to manage their money more effectively."
1. Give time with a financial planner.
2. Help fund post-secondary education with a 529 savings plan.
3. Help pay bills. Most people need to pay down debt more than they need another consumer item. For those with student loans, money to help repay would be most welcome. 
4. Make a donation to a charity in honor of the gift recipient. For children, a donation to their local zoo, bird sanctuary, museum, recreational program, or other program they benefit from... along with a related physical gift such as an item from the zoo or museum's shop. 


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