March 28, 2016

Financial Wellnes is about more than Wealth

Financial wellness is about not only security but also "the ways that wealth and income affect our emotional and physical well-being," certified financial planner Rick Kahler writes. "The journey to financial wellness is far different than the path to becoming rich. Achieving financial wellness cannot be done in a vacuum; it requires developing a degree of emotional and physical wellness as well. Searching for one inherently will expand to a search for all three."
A quick summary: 
1. Remember, it’s your journey.
2. Don’t attempt to guilt, shame or manipulate anyone else to come along with you on the journey.
3. Be prepared for the naysayers.
4. Lower your expectations of how quickly your attitudes and behaviors around money and finances will change.
5. In the early stages of your journey, resist the urge to substitute getting more practical and logical information about money and finances instead of looking at the emotions and feelings you have around money.
6. Find one or more trusted guides to help you along the journey.
7. Open yourself to new awareness and knowledge.  
8. Be gentle with yourself when you get off the main path and need to retrace your steps.
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