February 22, 2016

Is your storage unit eating your retirement savings?

Storage unit or a comfortable retirement... it's your choice.
"You just dealt with your clutter and your house is much neater. Congratulations should be in order, but instead of taking your former treasures or trash to Goodwill or the landfill, you rented a storage unit. You're spending $20-$300 a month for items you don't use or need.
You've joined the nearly 1 in 10 Americans who are contributing to the profits of the multibillion-dollar self-storage industry. Instead of renting space to store your old electronics, furniture and holiday paraphernalia, you could be funding your future retirement."
Why rent a storage unit for stuff you are not using? Read Karen Haywood Queen's advice on getting rid of your storage unit and all that junk and putting the monthly fee toward retirement. Thanks to Bankrate.com for this excellent advice.

Rent storage unit vs. save for retirement*

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