April 29, 2015

Will your end-of-life wishes be carried out?

Do the names Karen Ann Quinlan or Terri Schiavo ring a bell? Have you watched a friend or relative die a long, prolonged and painful death? Have you seen family members argue over how long to keep grandma alive? As medical advances enable very costly life-prolonging care, it is more important than ever to put your wishes in writing and ensure that your preferences will be carried out. If you have elderly parent or grandparents facing these questions, it's time to begin the conversation before it is too late. Join us for a discussion on how to talk with your family about your wishes for end-of-life care. Thursday, May 7, 4-5 pm at the cache County building, 179 N Main. Suite 109. For more info: call Amy: 435-535-5296 or Pat: 435-770-8272.

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