April 15, 2015

Consumer Reports "Problem Solver"

Have a frustrating consumer experience and need some extra fire power behind your complaint? Or have a complaint that you feel goes beyond your individual case? Get help and perhaps change a bad policy by contacting Consumer Reports' "Problem Solver" by sending your story to: problemsolver@cr.consumer.org


  1. I just read an article in my latest CR about a person who had a major problem with Verizon and I want to add to that if I may. On April 13th I called Verizon and cancelled my service. I asked what my outstanding balane was so I could pay it when I hung up. I asked for and received a confirmation ## and that was that. No. My phone was still active after 2 weeks so I called back and was told I did'nt cancel my service and I owed $$. I asked about my confirmation # and was told that was for my payment. I said I did not pay at the time of the call, I paid on my internet banking. I asked againabout the confirmation # and was told it meant nothing !!!!! Whats more they did'nt have it on record. I told them I would not be paying anymore $ and ended the call. I called back 3 days later since my phone was still active and got a sweet guy who told me I owed nothing since my bill is always paid one month in advance ! and he took all my info and was going to report the past calls to his superior. I was told I owed nothing and he apologized alot. This was a nightmare created by a company that does'nt seem to care about their customers at all !!!!!!

  2. I went to hhgregg at 1731 Carl D Silver Pkwy Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 540-322-5641 on 3/9/2013 and bought a Onkyo surround sound for $499.95 +$89.99 5 year warrenty , well, they told me that if I ever needed service they would send someone out to my home to repair the system, well needless to say the woofer went bad and I called them and they said that I had to take it to Henicro, Va. to have it serviced. First of all they promised me to come to my home, now they want a 70 year old woman to drive about 60 miles one way, to take it there to get it fixed, then drive back to pick it up when it's ready! Oh, they said I might want to mail it at my expense,"REALLY" I can't even lift it up! They want the main controller and the big woofer box to fix it. I told them that I am too old to do either and they sort of told me it was my problem to get it there, "really". I never would of bought the big screen t.v. and the surround sound there if I knew all of this. Since when does a customer have to drive 60 miles one way to have a defective item fixed or have it shipped out at my expense. I told them why don't they ship it out and they said they couldn't do that. I've talked to the manager and everyone there, and no one seems like they care at all. They have it under Irene Kay Martin 9308 Pine Ridge Drive Spotsylvania, Va. 22551 invoice # J701-013900 my phone # is 540-972-1516 I spent a lot of useless time trying to get them to just exchange it or even give me another, I would get my 50 year old son to take it for me,(but he works everyday) but really, who ever heard of going out of town to fix an item that I bought a warrenty on? I would never buy a doughnut and cup of coffee from these people, it makes me madder than a wet hen. Anything that you can do for me would be very much appreciated. I LIVE ON SOCIAL SECURITY AND DON"T HAVE MONEY TO WASTE ON GAS OR BE BUYING ANOTHER ONE.Sincerely Kay Martin


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