March 6, 2015

Free, web-based health insurance calculator

"The calculator was created by the National Health Council to help people gain a better understanding of their options in the health insurance marketplace and to find coverage that meets their individual health care and budget needs. The calculator illustrates how an individual’s total annual health care spending can vary based on plan selection."

"This is the only free, web-based calculator where people can enter their unique health usage information – including estimated number of doctor/specialist visits, hospital stays, and surgeries, and their prescription medications (both generics and brand drugs) – to see how their costs will vary depending on the different types of plans sold in their state."

"The premiums in a person’s cost report are based on actual 2015 marketplace premiums in the state. For people reporting household size and income details between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level, the premiums are reduced to reflect the application of possible tax credits."

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