March 5, 2015

An extra $750 in your pocket

"American drivers are expected to save about $750 this year on gas, according to the latest government projections...." Even if your savings is half that amount you owe it to yourself to use the money wisely and not just let it slip through your fingers. Save half of what you pay each month for gas. If you pay for gas with a credit or debit card, look at your bills for the past few months. Add up the amounts spend on fuel and divide by two. Then put that amount to work by paying down consumer debt, boosting your emergency savings, or contributing to a Roth IRA. Since most Americans get an income tax refund amounting to over $2,000, there are no excuses for not boosting your financial security. Do it! Today! Stop procrastinating!

1 comment:

  1. Anytime I get extra money, it immediately goes into my savings account! It's really easy to see all that money sitting in your checking account and think of all the things you could spend it on. That's a great idea to invest that extra money so that it will work for you and get some money back!


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