October 24, 2014

Investing for a Lifetime

Wondering how much you need to invest for retirement and where/how to invest? Ready for retirement but wanting guidance on how to make your money last?  Look no further than this excellent new book: Investing for a Lifetime: Managing Wealth for the “New Normal” by University of Pennsylvania finance professor and adviser Richard. C. Marston. It’s available at the Logan Library (332.6 Marston) and as an e-book through the USU library. Although persons who are number phobic may have to take a few deep breaths before they start reading, this is a most comprehensive and comprehensible book on investing. Due to its 2014 publication date, the data and references to the 2007-09 financial debacle make it especially relevant. One aspect that I especially liked was the brevity of each chapter. Although each chapter is packed with information and cogent advice, one isn’t overwhelmed by too much data or detail. Professor Marston writes with clarity and illustrates with understandable graphs and tables. Find more information about the book, author, and additional resources at his website: http://www.richardcmarston.com.
Read the New York Times review which lauds “the simple, straightforward approach” and how Marston helps “you determine exactly how much money you need to put away” at: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/13/business/mutfund/investing-for-a-lifetime-by-richard-c-marston.html?_r=0
According to the publisher’s (Wiley) website http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-1118900944.html “Investing for a Lifetime shows:
  • how younger investors can set savings goals
  • how both younger and older investors can choose investment portfolios to achieve these goals
  • how investors can sustain spending once reaching retirement.”

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