October 9, 2014

Home Deport Credit Card Hackers strike home!

When I opened my email today I was alerted to an international charge for 41 cents for "OFICINA INKJET" which was obviously a fraudulent charge. Having used the card at Home Depot a number of times in the last few months and knowing that their credit card system had been hacked, I immediately called my credit card company. They cancelled the card and will send me a new card (one reason to have 2 credit cards). So many retailers have been hacked and the pace is accelerating. One can choose to pay with cash or check in the future but that doesn't work for online transactions; PayPal may be the best option for online shopping. But one still must use credit cards for reserving airline tickets; it's hard to go credit card-free. So the moral of the story is: watch your credit card statements vigilantly and don't ignore small charges. Better yet, sign up for email notification of charges.

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