April 30, 2014

When to Take Social Security

"Welcome to NASI’s toolkit on When to Take Social Security: It Pays to Wait! The materials in this toolkit are designed to educate workers approaching retirement about their options for taking Social Security benefits, and about why it can pay to wait.
Social Security benefits can be taken at any time between 62 and 70, but there are sound financial reasons to delay if you can. If you wait, your monthly benefits will be higher for the rest of your life.
  • If you need Social Security to make ends meet, take it – you’ve earned it.
  • But if you can wait, even a year or two, your monthly benefit will be higher – for the rest of your life.
  • If you’re married, you have two lives to plan for. If you are the higher earner, waiting to take Social Security means providing a higher survivor benefit for your spouse if she or he outlives you." http://www.nasi.org/WhenToTakeSocialSecurity

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