March 3, 2014

Investing for Retirement is Higher Priority than College Saving

I've repeatedly stressed that people should place retirement investing ahead of college savings and this New York Times article agrees.  Families who must simultaneously save for retirement and upcoming college costs should make retirement the priority, experts advise. Parents cringe at the thought of burdening their kids with student debt. But the ultimate costs could be even higher if a young person must leave the workforce to care for an elderly parent who didn't save enough for retirement” (Retirement Security Smartbrief). I’m sure thankful that my parents ensured their retirement security with annuities. Remember that your children can borrow money for post-secondary education but you only have your home to borrow against in retirement.  I strongly encourage parents and grandparents to start 529 college savings plans for their children and urge the children to help fund the accounts with their jobs and money they may receive as gifts. You can save for both simultaneously but retirement should be the top priority. Read the NYT article:

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