October 17, 2012

Why Your Kids Need a Roth IRA

"Working at a tender age is an American tradition. I'm sure lots of kids did just that over the summer, and some are still be doing it after school and over the weekends. What isn't so traditional is the notion of kids contributing to their own Roth IRAs. It should be a tradition, because it's such a good idea. Here's the scoop." "Encouraging your working kid to make Roth IRA contributions is a great way to introduce the ideas of saving and investing for the future. Plus there are tax advantages. It's never too soon for your child to learn about taxes and how to legally minimize them. After all, it's basically a game, and kids love games." by Bill Bischoff in Smart Money. http://www.smartmoney.com/taxes/income/why-your-kids-need-a-roth-ira-1350410924321/?link=SM_taxes_ls4e

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