July 20, 2012

Don't wire money!

Being asked to wire money for a consumer transaction is almost always a sign of a scam. The old email notices that you've inherited money or won a foreign lottery ask the recipient to wire funds. Grandparents receiving phone calls from "grandchildren" in trouble are asked to wire money. Now the latest scam asks potential renters to wire funds to obtain a key to a property. The Utah Division of Real Estate and Division of Consumer Protection report a scam that uses online ads to direct the potential renter to wire funds to obtain the key to a property which is not a legitimate rental. The funds end up in the hands of the fraudster who is located outside the country. Don't fall for this scam and remember: be ultra skeptical when asked to wire funds! The UT Division of Consumer Protection advises against sending money to unknown persons through a wire transfer service. Thanks to a Herald Journal staff report (7/18/12, A3) for this info.

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