November 8, 2010

AARP Retirement Calculator

"For many, the first step to evaluating their financial future begins with a retirement calculation to determine when they can retire and what is needed to do so. AARP launched a new Retirement Calculator that balances usability and accuracy to provide retirement planning resources to all Americans."

“Based on user feedback and a changing retirement landscape, AARP revamped its retirement calculator to enhance usability, but maintain accuracy in its results.”

The new AARP tool strikes the right balance between giving users the information they want while making it engaging and easy to use. The calculator features pre-populated answers that can be adjusted easily, the ability to develop a retirement plan for a dual-income home and simple navigation. It provides an easy to understand explanation of where an individual is currently at in their retirement planning and the ability to experiment with various retirement scenarios to create a plan that is right for them. Upon completion of the calculator, individuals will be provided links to a number of AARP resources to learn more about Social Security, financial planning and health care in retirement. The new AARP Retirement Calculator does not promote any product or service.

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