August 27, 2019

Avoid student loan regret with 4 tips

Avoid Student Loan Regret With These 4 Tips

Nearly half of all Americans with student loan debt regret not going to a cheaper college, according to the FINRA Foundation's 2018 National Financial Capability Study.
And the study suggests many with student loans did not fully understand what they were getting into when they took out that debt, with just 43 percent reporting they tried to estimate monthly payments before taking out the loan.
If you or your child are among those who must borrow at least some amount to pay for college, fear not. Here are four ways to stave off buyer's remorse when it comes to that college education.

 Avoid regret with these four tips.

1. Understand the True Cost.  
2. Manage Your Salary Expectations.
3. Find Ways to Borrow Less.  
4. Know Your Goals—And How to Achieve Them. 

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