November 7, 2017

Health Care: A Middle Class Crisis

ACA enrollment starts November 1. Don't procrastinate. 
Tune out the political rhetoric and tune into the facts provided by non-profit, non-partisan research institutes. Too bad Congress rarely pays attention to the facts; the lobbyists have much more power and access to Congress members and their staff in their Washington offices. 
"Much has been made of the fact that many Americans can’t afford their deductibles and out-of-pocket costs when purchasing polices under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The new report by the healthcare advocacy organization, The Commonwealth Fund, indicates that both ACA-insured and employer-insured Americans are frequently stretched to the limit."
"Middle-class incomes for a family of four range from about $58,000 to $115,000.  The definition of middle-class people who have health insurance but cannot afford it is well-established in the research: their deductibles or other annual out-of-pocket costs exceed 10 percent of their annual household income. (For the poor, the threshold is 5 percent.)" Source: Squared Away Blog Nov. 2, 2017 by Kim Blanton.
Learn more about the problem which is widely attributed to high deductible health insurance plans by The Commonwealth Fund. Check out their website:

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