December 11, 2015

Consider Alternative Gifts for the Holidays

Most of us have more than we need in terms of gift items. Many gifts will be returned to the stores after the holidays. Gift cards are a poor idea because they restrict the recipient to one store and don't allow them to spend the money on paying rent or other pressing needs or savings a portion of the gift. It is especially important to teach children and teens to save some, give some, as well as spend some on themselves.
Instead consider "give, in honor of a friend or relative, an alternative gift of food, medicine, livestock or education. These gifts will be sent to areas with great needs around the world and here at home. When you purchase an alternative gift, you will receive beautiful gift cards with informational inserts describing your gift. Your gifts of peace and compassion will change the world! These alternative gifts are life-saving gifts of hope. They empower the poorest of the poor on our planet to sustain life and to build a future for subsequent generations. When people share with their world neighbors; a more peaceful, equitable global community can flourish. This year's Cache Valley Community Market, where you can enjoy fair trade shopping, learning about the projects, lunch, a bake sale, music, and purchasing your gifts will be held at: CACHE VALLEY MARKET, A Community Tradition.
Saturday, December12th, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
First Presbyterian Church 200 West Center Street, Logan, UT
Please join us for lunch
*If you would like more information please see
Also shop at: Global Villages Gifts, 69 East 100 North, Logan, UT


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