June 9, 2015

What small changes can you make to build your retirement security?

"What would you be willing to sacrifice to get a bigger nest egg for retirement? Seven in 10 workers — 69% — say they know they can save $25 or more per week than they currently save, according to data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). That would turbocharge their retirement planning." BY , INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY
"What would they give up to get that $25 or more a week?
Almost half — 46% — told the EBRI that they would be willing to kiss off dining out or takeout food.
Here's what others would be willing to sacrifice:
•13% would give up soft drinks or snacks from vending machines.
•12% would forego movies, videos, DVDs or online streaming.
•11% would drop coffee from specialty shops.
•8% would cut back on lottery tickets.
So why aren't workers already cutting back on expenditures to save more?
Half — 50% — say they simply can't afford to give up anything. They need everything they're already spending money on.
Other reasons the workers cited:
•11% said they are out of work or underemployed.
•8% blamed education expenses for their inability to cut spending.
•7% said they spend every spare dollar to pay off non-mortgage debt.
•5% said all of their spare money goes to paying off their mortgage or other housing expenses.
One in 10 workers said they already are saving enough or can save enough without sacrificing anything.
And 6% said they haven't thought about it."
What about YOU?

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