January 14, 2015

Ready to buy a house in 2015?

Check out Owning a Home:
This new resource is provided by the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. "In coming months, we will continue to add new features, but today Owning a Home can help you:

·         Learn about your loan options: As you begin your home and mortgage search, this guide will tell you all you need to know to choose the right mortgage for your situation.
·         Check interest rates: This tool gives you a realistic sense for the range of interest rates you should expect when shopping for a mortgage, so you can know whether you’re getting a good deal.
·         Understand your closing forms: Learn what to look for in your closing documents before signing.
·         Get ready for closing: As you near the end of the process, a simple checklist will help prepare you for the big day."
Check out the Owning a Home tools and tell us what you think at owning-a-home@cfpb.gov.

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