November 10, 2014

Holiday hype differs from pricing reality. Stay Home on Black Friday!

Based on data from 4,500 retail websites from 2008 to the present, The Wall Street Journal reports that Black Friday is NOT the day for best prices; in fact, you are likely to find items out of stock if you shop that day. So stay home and get caught up on sleep; spend time with your family. Celebrate Buy Nothing Day instead.
  • Last year's biggest price cuts came the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the day before Turkey day. 
  • The weeks before Black Friday offered better deals that the weeks before Christmas.
  • You are likely to find items OUT of Stock on Black Friday.
  • You can follow prices of 10 popular holiday gifts with the WSJ's Christmas Sale Tracker:
  • Shop at the Alternative Gift Market instead: Logan's AGM events will be Saturday, Nov. 22 at the Presbyterian Church (Center St. & 200 West), 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • BTW abundant research shows that your $ is much better spent on experiences than on possessions (remember that much of the most hyped holiday gifts end up taking up valuable storage space and the landfill).

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