November 8, 2013

Help in understanding the Affordable Care Act

The Kaiser Family Foundation produced an interactive slide show explaining how the Affordable Care Act can help the 47 million uninsured Americans obtain coverage. “In 2012, 47.3 million nonelderly people were uninsured. Lack of health insurance coverage affects many groups of people, including both workers and non-workers, people of all ages and geographic locations, and people with a range of health conditions. Through its coverage expansions, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has the potential to reach a broad range of groups. The interactive tool below examines how the ACA may affect various groups of uninsured people by analyzing how many are uninsured, the main reasons why they lack coverage, and how they may gain coverage under the ACA.” Check it out:
Utahns be aware that Gov. Herbert has so far refused to expand Medicaid, greatly restricting the number of uninsured Utahns who will have access to affordable health insurance. We all pay for those who are uninsured through higher insurance premiums.
Thanks to the excellent Squared Away Blog for information about the slide show.

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