August 5, 2012

FPW Insurance Program August 8

Wednesday's Financial Planning for Women will be presented by local insurance agents who will make a brief presentation and answer questions on insurance. Are you covered if the sewer backs up into your house? What's the difference between a percentage deductible and a fixed dollar deductible? The amount your home should be insured for is based on the cost to rebuild which can be very different from the tax assessed value or the appraised value. How do you decide how much coverage to buy? How should you protect your child's belongings in case of theft or other loss when they are away at college? Do you need life insurance and, if so, how much? When does it make sense to drop comp and collision coverage on a vehicle? What kind of proof do I need if I suffer a loss? What are the consequences of filing a claim for a loss greater than my deductible but not really catastrophic? Do I really need earthquake insurance? What about flood insurance when I don't live near a river? How does actual cash value compare to replacement cost insurance?
These are just a few of the questions the speaker can address. Bring your questions and get answers from the experts. Come and learn how to protect your family's financial security.
Place change for 12:30-1:30 program: USU Family Life room 109 (this month only). Evening program (7:00-8:30 pm) at the USU Family Life Center, 493 N 700 E, Logan.

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