June 13, 2012

Income-Based Repayment (IBR) for Student Loans

"Since 2009, federal student-loan borrowers who are experiencing a “partial financial hardship” and are thus unable to make payments under their standard repayment plan have been able to enroll in IBR to cap their monthly student-loan payments at 15% of their discretionary income. (In 2010, President Obama signed legislation that lowered the cap to 10% for borrowers beginning in 2014.)"
"Lenders will look at how much a borrower makes, note how far above the poverty line it is and adjust the payments accordingly. If the result is below the standard repayment plan, then borrowers are given the option to pay less. If they stick with the plan for 25 years, any remaining debt (both principal and interest) is automatically forgiven. For those who work full-time at a nonprofit or public-service job, the remaining debt is forgiven after only 10 years."

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