March 30, 2012

Investment Portfolio X-Ray

Confused about what investments you own and whether you really are sufficiently diversified? Just because you own a handful of mutual funds doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of overlap.

Morningstar’s Portfolio X-Ray a “sophisticated analytical tool that allows you to dissect your portfolio and gain a clear view of your holdings.  

“You can evaluate your overall asset allocation and sector weightings as well as uncover concentrated positions, view the stock holdings behind your mutual funds, measure performance against benchmarks and industry indexes. Morningstar’s graphical representation of results is easy for even novice investors to understand. And to make your portfolio analysis even easier, Morningstar includes Portfolio X-Ray Interpreter. It provides a plain-English explanation of what the data means and helps you identify areas that might need attention.”

You have to register and set up an account but the tool is free:

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