April 17, 2011

Know your retirement personality

“There is more to a successful retirement than finances. Personality can play a big role. Take our 5-step profiler to discover your attitude toward life change, risk and uncertainty as these viewpoints determine how you’ll react to the change from work to retirement. Different personality types react to assorted ways to change. Knowing your personality will help you set realistic retirement goals and plan for the lifestyle that best fits you. Complete our profiler tool and you’ll receive your personality type description along with tools and resources to help you transition into retirement.” This 5 question quiz from Transamerica may shed some light on how you will adapt successfully to the transition from work to retirement, which, of course, is not always from full-time work to full-time leisure.  “Most pre-retirees plan to blend work and play to help smooth their financial transition. A total of 67% plan to work in some capacity as they get older.”


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